Furniture Installation Service

Furniture is heavy, bulky and a pain to move, especially if your building has stairs or narrow doorways. Just one look at that imposing display cabinet full of Nana’s china and you know it’s time to call in the professional furniture removalists.

Many people like to interstate backload furniture removalists and movers to bits of help to guarantee full customer satisfaction with the trained and experienced staff to professional removalists with high standards of efficiency and we handle your relocation services.

Star Spectra Movers & Packers are your affordable house removalists in Abu Dhabi UAE with the skills to transport your items safely, efficiently, and without a scratch. Furniture removals aren’t just about brawn (although that definitely plays its part!). It also requires calculation skills to work out the best way to maneuver large and awkwardly-shaped pieces, as well as knowledge of the correct health and safety procedures to execute heavy lifting without injury. Of course, we protect your property too- and we carry full insurance, for your peace of mind. Our furniture removal team also has the right equipment to get the job done properly, from weight-bearing trolleys to floor protectors that prevent heavy things from marking tiles and linoleum. Plus we have the experience to load and stack furniture in the most efficient way, maximising our truck space and ensuring your moving gets done as quickly and skillfully as possible.